Greek philosophers as Aristotle, Theophrastus and Dioscorides have made lots of efforts in trying to describe the biodiversity of Greece!
The country is considered the most biologically diverse of the European continent.The different ecosystems, reason to the unique climate, is reflected in the presence of all the fauna and flora “species” travelers experience in numerous areas in Greece. An astonishing variety of wetlands, more than 4000 lakes, old-growth forests, fertile shallows and thousands of islands contribute to this unique biodiversity. The variation of plants is exceptional; over 6000 species grow every year and some are indigenous to Greece.
Three quarters of the country is mountainous. The mountains, yet unexplored are breathtaking and full of life, covered with deep gorgeous forests.  The miracles of the Stone (Petrified) Forest in the island of Lesvos, the butterfly Valley in Rhodes Island and the Marine parks in Alonissos and Zakynthos home to the Monachus- Monachus seal and Karetta-Karetta Turtle will leave you speechless. A rich and varied wildlife, from bears and wolfs to birds as flamingos, vultures and eagles all can be found in different regions of Greece. National Parks as in Olympus, Samaria, Pindos and Prespes have been growing through the years and have been famous destinations for the nature lovers and experts.
PAM DMC has the privilege in creating many successful extraordinary programs to these lands, understands the difficulties in dealing with nature and ensures all the possible services are provided in absolute excellence. Programs that can ideally combine archeological visits, activities, sports with nature and watching tours in the magnificent land of Greece.