In the heart of Greece a region rich in temples, monasteries and nature wonders from Delphi – the mythical center of the earth – to the Monastery of Osios Loukas and the dramatic Meteora peaks, one of the great spectacles of Central Greece.
Majestic mountains as Olympus, geological marvels “Meteora”, famous rivers “Pineios”, gorges, valleys, lakes and a multitude of beaches are going to seduce you.
An ideal destination for culture or spiritual seekers, the “road” can bring you easily to majestic villages as Arachova, Kalampaka, Pelion and uniquely designed events.  Favor on its location Central Greece can be combined easily with day trips and tours for you to discover the unique energy and beauties from many areas in Greece as Athens, Thessaloniki, Northern Greece and Epirus.


PAM DMC has been successfully operating in these lands for many years and promises to reveal all the hidden treasures by creating memories last in time.