Spectacular beaches, thermal springs, spas: a dream of a lifetime has just begun in one of the most beautiful country of the world!
The geographical location of Greece in the south of Europe offers mellow autumns, winters and springs, easy access from most major cities with a 3-4 hour flight makes it an ideal destination for short and long time holidays. PAM DMC has the privilege to create unique programs all over Greece, covering in full support every step of your dream holidays.
-- Our most popular escapes
-- Cruises in Greece & Turkey
-- Island hopping tours with stays in different islands
-- Long stay in a central island and daily excursions in different destinations. Ideal destination is the famous Cyclades Island
-- Cultural or themed tours from Athens or Thessaloniki
-- Holidays on the beach mainly in areas as Attica, Peloponnese and the Islands.
Creative activities and sports are always available in various destinations as golf, tennis, water sports all in the most stunning settings. Greece is the leading country in the Mediterranean cuisine and diet. The land brings forth the best products famous in all over the world as the extra-virgin oil, tastiest olives, fresh made cheese and locally produced fruits and vegetables.
Luxury resorts in Peloponnese, Kos, Crete, Corfu, the Athenian Riviera and traditional complexes all over Greece will introduce you to the many facets of wellbeing: spas, steam-baths, massages, treatments, covered and open-air swimming pools, tranquil beaches, sunbathing in the company of your favourite book, services to relax your mind and body.