Greece is literally a vast archaeological site. The country was already inhabited from prehistoric times; traces of human civilization can be found everywhere, in all corners of the land.

The cradle of Western Civilization, democracy, philosophy and its different schools, the way Greeks appreciated and created science have laid the foundation for our way of thinking. Its architects and artists have been a role model for the architects of the Renaissance all over Europe. It was also a place where young people could be formed by training their spirit and body.

Apart from Ancient Greece other periods important to history have been the Hellenistic Period, the Byzantine Empire, Medieval Period and the fact that Greece has been a shield to Western Europe for all dangers that threatened the European Continent from the East.

This rich history offers today the possibility to visit numerous sites and monuments having the advantage of modern technology means all intended to explore the spectacular and varied cultural treasures of Hellas, as manifested by her fabulous sites and museums.

PAM DMC with more than 34 years of experience can help you organize your stay according to your desire. Tailor made proposals depending on your preferences for combining visits of sites from different periods or even specializing in a single one era of your preference.

Our love and knowledge along with our years of experience has given us the pleasure of collaborating with hundreds agencies specialized in cultural travel as well as universities organizing their students field trips.