An educational trip in Greece is thus essential for the formation of students of all ages.

Everything they study in books is located and displayed in one country.  They can visit places of historical importance; study periods that help them better understand and appreciate their learning materials as well as broaden their horizons by interacting with a foreign culture and customs. Educational programs are made either for covering the most important historical/cultural periods of the country or tailor made programs on your preferred periods and subject. Boasting stunning architecture, historical landmarks and world class museums especially in Athens and Thessaloniki being vibrant multi-cultural cities steeped in tradition and ancient heritage makes Greece a perfect for school trips of any subject.

Professional Visits & Subject Oriented
Our strong legacy on designing innovative programs and local expertise gave us the privilege of working with major companies for their professional/educational visits catering all their curiosity, technical knowledge and travel needs from architects to engineers and farmers.  All ideas, programs and tours can be ideally combined with a stay on the beach or in the historical centre, team building and fun activities since pleasure and relaxation can turn education into a memorable experience!