The location of Greece is in the southern end of the Valcanic Peninsula bordering with several countries amongst them Turkey, Bulgaria, FYROM, Italy and Albania.The transportation and small distances makes it easy for travelers to have a taste of other countries and their gems while visiting Greece. Although all these countries now days have totally different civilizations, languages and traits they all share several common cultural traits from the past. On these journeys except from the natural beauties you can experience the findings of three different empires the Macedonian of Alexander the Great, the Roman and the Ottoman and their obvious influences.

PAM DMC has a strong network of collaborators, ideally found with the same objectives, in order to create innovative programs specially made for you. All can be adjusted according to theme and interests of your group and include Greece & Turkey, Greece & FYROM, Greece & Albania or even a program combining all of the mentioned countries. 

For the most concerning travelers, a program taking you through the most charming and wealthy histories of the world can include Greece, Turkey and Egypt. A journey promising to be the most amazing experience of your lives!! A very interested combination that includes 3 countries and 3 continents, taking you through the depths of the most charming and interesting histories of the World, Greece, Turkey and Egypt.