Greece’s mainland and the islands are trekker’s paradise with numbered routes and well- organized systems of trails.

Walk with the God’s on Mountain Olympus or trek to its steel rocky summit, a mountain first climbed 100 years ago!
Break your barriers in one of the most scenic green mountains of Pindos in Epirus region and meet with the 20km long Vikos gorge.
Follow the hiking routes on the islands in a natural environment with mountains, full of flowers and herbs that will befuddle you with their scents and reach the beaches. Even the most rigorous hikers fall into the trap and admit that Greece is the ideal place for trekking and hiking.  
PAM DMC prides in creating extraordinary programs for groups and companies or even families who want to experience a different idea of Greece, strengthen their relationships or prove their abilities.   All trekking and hiking tours can be combined perfectly with cultural visits in archaeological sites, stays in authentic mountain villages and any other fitness and wellness services.