The island is been immortalized by poets, painters and photographers, since forever, thanks to its celebrated light, multi-colored cliffs and picture-perfect sunsets. On this island all senses are magnified, a product made from its many contrasts: black earth against whitewashed homes clinging to the Cliffside and wild volcanic sculptures against sleek Cycladic lines.  

Join the ritual of experiencing the sunset from Oia, as thousands do each year, swim in the volcanic waters, lay on the different colored beaches
 Santorini has numerous legacies concerning lovers.

Imagine your wedding and honeymoon with the caldera and volcano as a backdrop. In the courtyards of the island’s churches and on the terraces of the hotels and restaurants, Santorini offers couples a real-life fairytale wedding memories.
What many call Santorini’s most charming town, Oia, is a must-visit for guests to the island. Well known for its colourful houses clinging to an almost sheer cliff, Oia is just right for catching a stunning Santorini sunset and capturing a few vibrant pictures. Oia also boasts historical sites including the ruins of a Venetian castle.