Even though Greece is famous for its more than 3000 islands, eighty percent (80%) of Greece is mountainous and it is one of the most mountainous countries of Europe.
Greece is home to many excellent climbing areas; from granite bouldering on the islands of Tinos; the sandstone of Meteora; the limestone of Crete and Varasova near Petras to the World Famous rock climbing area of Kalymnos.
Kalymnos a tiny island in southern Greece, which is claimed to have the highest concentration of sports routes anywhere in the world. Last but not least the Mecca of Climbers world wide the island of Icaria, where you will be able to challenge yourself with many different courses with the company of some of the most renowned rock climbers worldwide.
In Central Greece you will find many mountains that can offer you the opportunity to rock climb in combination with some excellent trekking, canoeing & kayaking opportunities in beautiful unspoilt gorges, cliffs and rivers.