The Island of the Winds will help you discover a fascinating world where glamour meets simplicity and celebrate with the best way the upcoming summer or your next event.

On Mykonos whether you are an entertainment junkie, or a traveler who wishes to explore the island’s long history and tradition the island will certainly exceed all your expectations! It is the only place you can find the perfect mingle of different holiday types from families and culture lovers to celebrities and party animals.

Lose yourself in this maze of white and blue houses, Mykonos Town; possess an architecture that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Take a swim in green, blue and turquoise waters, lay on thin white sand: some of the best beaches of the Aegean can be found there! Tastes that will make you feel like a king, extraordinary restaurants, traditional taverns and renowned ones.

History and culture, Mykonos was inhabited from ancient times, leaving its great glory ages visible for us to admire in Delos island, an entire archeological site island (UNESCO) where you can feel the energy of the God Apollo and in the various museums you can find in town.

Boat trips in deserted islands, water sports, horseback ridings in naturally isolated beaches and jeep safaris on the interlard.

╠ykonos is truly a paradise, an island with all the amenities of a European capital placed in the best scenery you can ever imagine, plenty to-do by day or night- for those who wish to have a lively time.

Just tell us your dream!